Announcement | RWS Changes

Dear RWS clients, supporters and advocates

We need to let you know about a change in our team, but also want to reassure you that you will continue to experience the excellent customer service, friendliness, fun and innovation you have come to expect from RWS.

Jayne has done what she advises all of us to do: Having felt for a while that her life was out of balance (affecting her health and wellbeing), she has taken a good look at her ‘Parachute of Dreams’ and made changes. She has therefore decided to step away from RWS and from speaking professionally, to do work that places fewer demands on her time and allows her not only to spend more time with her family, but also to dedicate more of her time to the wonderful and much-needed volunteering work she does for Anthony Nolan. Thanks to Jayne’s tireless work, thousands have signed up to the bone marrow register, and many who have donated their stem cells have enjoyed her company during the donation process, learning first-hand about the brilliant impact of their donations.

We are, of course, very sad about Jayne’s departure from our team, but know we will still enjoy spending time with her as she is our very good friend. We wish her very well and look forward to her returning to her usual self again once she has re-balanced her Parachute.

Jayne will also honour most of our existing bookings leading up to the summer, so some of you will still see the three of us as we continue to deliver as usual. If you have already booked and we have not told you otherwise, we will therefore still be with you as the trio you expected.

Our work in tirelessly working with children, their teachers, support staff and parents will continue, of course. With our usual positive outlook, we have decided to take this opportunity to refresh our content and resources and are planning a retreat in the next few weeks (watch this space!) to dedicate to getting all our new materials ready very quickly. We have already delivered one workshop as a duo, having amended our content at very short notice, and this was exceptionally well-received.

Whilst Jayne will always be a part of the first 2 years of RWS and the exciting journey we undertook together to help children develop better resilience and wellbeing, and be more successful in all aspects of life, we are now excited about the future of RWS and the work that lies ahead. We look forward to undertaking this journey with you!

With very best wishes

Fred & Liz xxx

RWS Team

The RWS programme helps develop children's life-long resilience, wellbeing and success skills.