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How to be Happier | Happiness | Expert interview on BBC Sheffield

BBC Sheffield, 23rd March 2016Frederika Roberts discusses Happiness, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and the World Happiness Report 2016 Update on BBC Sheffield with Paulette Edwards. About the World Happiness Report: “We feel happier if we feel that other people are happy, too.”You’re teaching your brain what you want to filter for…if you focus on negative stuff, your […]

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How do we Solve the Growing Children’s Mental Health Crisis? #YoungMindsMatter

Barely a day goes by without me reading or hearing something in the news about Mental Health, especially children’s mental health.Yesterday, BBC News reported both on ‘missing’ child mental health funds and World Health Organisation (WHO) concerns about over-use of anti-depressants by children.Something needs to change, and whilst we clearly need more provision at the […]

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