RWS is no longer trading | Contact Educate to Flourish CIC

RWS is no longer trading, but our work continues with Educate to Flourish CIC After four years of working together under the RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success banner, Elizabeth Wright and Frederika Roberts have made the decision to move in slightly different directions.  As Elizabeth’s work continues in Character Education, she is also increasingly focusing […]

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Happiness Anger Rage Wellbeing Education Children and more | Frederika Roberts talking to BBC Sheffield Paulette Edwards

Happiness Anger Rage Wellbeing Education Children and more | BBC Sheffield | Frederika Roberts talking to Paulette EdwardsFrederika Roberts was interviewed by Paulette Edwards on BBC Radio Sheffield on 15th February 2019. They talked about happiness, wellbeing, emotions, anger, rage (and how these fit into happiness and wellbeing), meaning, purpose, political activism, children, children’s emotions and […]

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TRT World | World Happiness Report | Roundtable

World Happiness Report 2018 | TRT World | RoundtableFrederika Roberts (RWS co-founder) participates in a panel debate about the World Happiness Report 2018 and happiness as a policy issue, on TRT World’s Roundtable programme, presented by David Foster. Other guests were Prof. Eugenio Proto (Professor of Economics, University of Bristol), Prof. Paul Frijters (Programme Co-Director, […]

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