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International Day of Happiness: It’s about more than smiley faces

International Day of Happines (#InternationalDayOfHappiness) has been celebrated since the UN created this day of celebration in 2013. This has always been about more than simply individual happiness, sunshine and smiles, and in 2015, the UN launched 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ focusing on essential components of happiness and well-being: an end to poverty, the reduction […]

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#childrensmhw 2017 | How and why to practise Gratitude

Children’s Mental Health Week 2017 | Highlight on GratitudeI know I mention gratitude a lot, but it is such a simple and effective tool that can have a very powerful impact on your mental health, it is worth mentioning often. ​Why practise Gratitude?When you deliberately focus on being grateful for events and people in your life, […]

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#childrensmhw 2017 | Create a Mental Health Children’s Premium | #MHCPUK

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week (#childrensmhw).  Children’s mental health in the UK is in a state of crisis and something needs to change, soon.  Today, we are launching a series of daily blog posts related to #childrensmhw.  We are also launching a campaign for a Mental Health Children’s Premium (#MHCPUK) with a petition on […]

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4 Keys to Resilience

My youngest daughter, Hannah, is starting 6th Form today and my eldest daughter, Charlie, is going to University in under two weeks’ time. As a new chapter begins for our family, I find myself pondering the joys we have shared, the tears we have shed, and the resilience we have developed over the years.My Facebook […]

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