Learn to love the ‘F’ Word!


A word that pretty much every human being, let alone teen or child dreads.

The concept of failure is responsible for a lot of "stuff" in our lives: stress, anxiety, depression, fear, perfectionism, self-recrimination, humiliation, sadness. Failure can stifle us, make us paralysed, make us not even try.... that new thing or exciting thing, that difficult thing or scary thing, that thing we really want to do, but the fear of failing and being humiliated means we will never try. The thought of failure leads to disappointed dreams and hopes, and yet we don't question this fear or the potential failure. In fact, we tend to assume that failure is inevitable, that even if we try, then the odds are stacked against us.... but are they really?

According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals ... now that seems like a really small number - but instead of thinking that 92% of people that set New Year’s goals are "failures" and "lazy" and "uncommitted", let's actually think about why people fail their New Year’s goals. Firstly, they set too lofty a goal and/or timescale to achieve said goal, secondly, they don't put a plan in place or assemble a support group, and thirdly, they give up to easily, usually besieged with self-doubt over their ability to achieve.

No wonder we think failure is inevitable and the inspiration muse is off helping other, more "worthy" people with their goals.

But.... what if we weren't afraid of failure? What if children and young people (YOU) could see that through failure you can become the best you ever? That through failure you can learn the lessons of not what to do, so you can step forward in confidence, knowing that you are now one step closer to achieving your goals?

This is an excerpt from Elizabeth's full article on her own website.  Read the full article and her 3 key tips to help you reach your goals and deal with failure, here. ​

Elizabeth Wright

ELIZABETH WRIGHT | TRIPLE PARALYMPIC MEDALLIST | GOAL JOURNEY COACH | AUTHOR | Since moving to the UK from Australia and starting her speaking business in response to the amazing success that was the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, Elizabeth has spoken in primary and secondary schools all over the UK. Elizabeth addresses such issues as disability, the Paralympics, goal setting, and goal achievement. Elizabeth’s story intrigues and inspires across generations, with her ability to cross between primary schools, secondary schools and corporate/business, illustrating her adaptability and passion for speaking. Elizabeth is a professional speaker who believes in the power of stories to inspire and motivate those who hear her speak.