Read This First

Please note: As the programme is typically rolled out in Y4-Y6, there are 2 levels of activities available. Activities A are aimed at Y4/5 or lower ability levels, Activities B are aimed at Y5/6 or more gifted/able pupils. You can either use only A or only B activities with your class, or distribute both summary worksheets, depending on individual ability levels. You can choose to cross out certain activities prior to handing out the activity sheets. You can also choose to spread the activities over more than one lesson, especially if your lesson duration is quite short. Some of the writing tasks have scope to cover more than the PSHE curriculum and cross over into the English and Arts curricula.

The lesson plans and resources are not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to help you make the most of the programme and give you ideas and resources to minimise any additional workload for you.

Please feel free to use your creativity and skills to devise your own activities, provided that they cover the main 3 areas of each section of the programme and fulfil the learning objectives. ​ The only activity that is mandatory on the programme is the 'compulsory activity' as this embeds the most essential skill of each section.

It's also worth mentioning that the RWS programme doesn't have to stand alone - many of the activities can be used as they are or adapted to fit within the literacy and arts curricula, for example, but there are probably many more ways you can think of to integrate RWS activities in a cross-curricular way into your lessons.

If your school has opted to include the parents' presentation at the end of the programme, it would be great if the children could take ownership of one part of that presentation. One school suggested calling this 'KidzOwn'! They can create posters, display their worksheets, write and act out sketches, deliver spoken presentations, sing songs, create videos...the world is their oyster! We have created a 'Final Presentation Ideas / Examples' page - see left-hand menu - to give you some examples of what other schools have done.

Whether you do the final presentation to parents or not, we would love to see examples of how you have used our resources or of resources/activities you have created yourselves for your pupils. Please do send us photographs/documents etc! We can then also share some of them as examples/ideas for other schools 🙂