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RWS is no longer trading, but our work continues with Educate to Flourish CIC

After four years of working together under the RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success banner, Elizabeth Wright and Frederika Roberts have made the decision to move in slightly different directions.  As Elizabeth’s work continues in Character Education, she is also increasingly focusing her professional efforts into diversity and inclusion work.  In her personal life, Elizabeth is hoping to move back to her home country – Australia – in the near future.  Meanwhile, Frederika has embarked on a Doctorate of Education and is continuing to pursue her passion to train teachers and speak at events on Positive Education, supporting children and adults in school communities to flourish.

In order to open up opportunities to obtain funding to support schools with essential wellbeing and flourishing work in the years to come, Frederika has founded a community interest company: Educate to Flourish CIC. Elizabeth will still be working with Frederika from time to time as a Training Associate for Educate to Flourish; look out for additional associates on the team page.

We would like to thank all the schools and teachers who have worked with us over the years, and our former partner Jayne Snell, who helped us set up RWS.  It’s been a wonderful journey, we have had the privilege of working with thousands of children and their teachers and parents, and we look forward to continuing to work with you under the Educate to Flourish banner.

RWS Team

The RWS programme helps develop children's life-long resilience, wellbeing and success skills.