Frederika Roberts

Frederika knows a thing or two about happiness and resilience. Between them, her daughters have had two cardiac arrests, three open heart surgeries and countless hospital stays, both planned and unplanned, over the years.

In her professional life, she has been a secondary school teacher, has taught English and Italian to adults and spent 12 years working in recruitment. She has set up, run and closed small businesses.

She believes in savouring every morsel life has to offer, making the most of the good times and using simple strategies to bounce back and overcome challenges, big and small.

As the author of 'Recipe for Happiness: 9 essential ingredients for a happy life' and through her keynotes, workshops and Laughter Yoga sessions, she shares her happiness ingredients with audiences as varied as school pupils, teachers & parents, BBC employees, business owners, charity workers and police inspectors.

Frederika leaves her audiences energised, enthused and inspired to take action to work on their own happiness, leading them to achieve more success in all areas of their lives and having a lot more fun along the way.

Of dual - Italian and German - nationalities, Frederika was born in Italy and later grew up in Luxembourg. She moved to the UK to study at the University of Bradford, where she obtained her Business and Management degree and met her husband. She speaks fluent Italian, French, German and English and a little bit of slightly 'rusty' Spanish and Luxembourgish. Frederika now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and two teenage daughters.  Frederika is continuing her professional development; she is studying towards and MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University. 

Frederika covers:

  • Gratitude (resilience)
  • Kindness (resilience)
  • Laughter Yoga & Meditation (resilience)
  • Balance & Positive Emotions (wellbeing)
Frederika Roberts | Resilience Wellbeing Success

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