I invited Frederika and Liz to speak at the Practical Pedagogies Conference in Cologne in 2018. Although I had gathered that they were clearly something of a dynamic duo I was not prepared for the energy and enthusiasm they not only gave but generated. They had a fantastic rapport with the delegates, who were entertained and educated in equal measure. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Russel Tarr
Lead Organiser of the Practical Pedagogies Conference and Author of ActiveHistory.co.uk / Classtools.net
Year 4 Pupil Testimonial
Year 4 Pupil

"Excellent skills to help them through life.  Awareness and an opportunity to express feelings."

Parents of Year 5 Child

Really engaging delivery and lots of relevant, practical, useful ideas that we can employ on a daily basis with the children to develop their resilience. Brilliant. Thank you.

Harriet Sabwerwal
Deputy Head Teacher, Barnfield Primary School (INSET Testimonial)

"It helps you focus in school." Charlie

"It helped you be confident with your work and goals" Daisy

"Learning to achieve my goal." Henry

"It helped me know how to ask for help." Eleanor

"I learnt how to bounce back from things." Joshua

"It taught you lots of things to carry on with life and how to be happy." Charlotte

"It's given me more confidence." Shona

"I liked hearing about the lady who went to the olympics." Sophia

"I liked that the ladies told us their stories" Rebecca (and lots of others!)

"It was really fun and there were lots of games." Finley (and lots of others!)

"I liked it when we did the laughter yoga." Lily (and lots of others!)

"I liked doing the parachute of dreams." Lizzie (and lots of others!)

"I liked it when we did the meditation." Adam (and lots of others!)

"I liked that you could have some peace and quiet." Rowan

Year 4 Children

Liz has inspired me hugely and has encouraged me to go forwards with my running. I’ve really enjoyed this week 🙂  Year 8 pupil.  (This pupil told us that, as a result of taking part in the RWS programme, she has decided to pursue her running more seriously.  She has asked her parents to get her a coach so she can work towards competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!)

The Trust supports its four primary and six secondary academies with an extensive CPD and support programme.

As part of this we have made use of RWS, who we have found to be excellent in every way in their contribution to our work promoting the emotional well-being of our students.

The presentations they offer are inspiring and are delivered appropriately for both primary and secondary student audiences. They have also been very helpful in working with our staff and developing their skills as part of their training in this area. On top of this, they are the nicest people you could ever work with, always prepared to go the extra mile and do as much as they can for you.

I can recommend them to you without reservation, and especially if you are looking for something just a little different to secure student involvement and personal development from an attractive and motivating perspective.

Tony Stephens
Professional Development Manager                           The Co-operative Academies Trust

An inspiring if not unusual end to the day. You have been excellent character role models in your professional and personal lives for us this afternoon. You have certainly given us a boost to our positive emotions. We are very grateful. Thank you.

Ann-Marie Elding, Head of the Preparatory School, The Peterborough School

Fab, positive and informative!

J Dobson, Headmaster, Stoneygate School

An engaging session – so much fun. Also thought-provoking.

Kay Smith, Head, Bournmouth Collegiate School

Society of Heads
Testimonials from Headteachers who attended RWS Workshop at the 2017 Heads of Junior Schools Conference

​I have been very impressed with the ‘RWS programme’ and I would highly recommend it to other colleagues in Primary Schools. It is a unique and innovative programme led by three inspirational women – Frederika, Jayne and Liz. It is supported by Ofsted mapping and the lesson plans tick all the boxes in response to curriculum expectations. The programme lasted for 11 weeks and had a big impact on the children in Y4, in particular their coping strategies and skills for different stresses that are thrown at them in everyday life – whether at home or at school. I was amazed to see a boy who can’t normally sit still and constantly chatters silent for over 3 minutes whilst he took part in a meditation exercise! Teachers’ found the lessons fun and interactive and the follow up lesson plans supported the work from the previous session well – the teachers were very pleased that it was all done for them. We have included the positive impact of this programme in our SEF in our judgement of personal development, behaviour and welfare for evidence that priority is given to learners' physical and emotional well-being.

The individual presentations from Frederika, Jayne and Liz are truly inspirational. They make all children feel relaxed and valued and spent time with them all. They were astute in noticing children who found elements difficult and gave them skills to cope. This was further enhanced by one child who felt empowered to open up to a teacher. With the Gold package we also had presentations to staff and parents. This gave staff different strategies and techniques – I for one have been trying meditation - and importantly it gave them time to reflect and put things into perspective. I feel that this part of the programme is particularly beneficial and important as you need staff to be on top of their game especially with their wellbeing to be able to help the children under their guidance! The parents’ presentation also proved extremely popular with lots of positive feedback with one parent saying that it was ‘an amazing experience…truly inspirational women who now share their experiences and strength with parents and children. Made us really think. Thank you.’

Thank you Fred, Jayne and Liz - all of us at Clifton with Rawcliffe have really enjoyed working with you. The programme is great value for money and the personal approach is second to none. We look forward to seeing you again soon when you work with our Y6 pupils.

Kerry Davies
Deputy Headteacher                                             Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School

"I thought the programme was a fantastic idea and I hope that it will continue at CWR. My daughter talked about all the activities each week and she was particularly inspired by the success parts. She has made independent decisions and actions on trying to secure her current goal – I am sure that this is due to the RWS Programme! I was unable to attend the parents’ presentation but would fully support this programme in the future."

"I have used many of the strategies you teach in my own situation. I think that this should be taught on the National Curriculum."

"An amazing experience. Truly inspirational women who now share their experiences and strength with parents and children. Made us really think. Thank you."

"Not only was it good to give children an insight into these important life skills, but it also helped to give them empathy and a knowledge of how peoples’ lives differ markedly from their own."

"Great idea / concept – all kids should learn this sort of stuff. Useful life skills."

Parents of Year 4 Children