Time: Playing with Perspectives (and why this matters)

Have you ever stopped to think, I mean REALLY think about time?  What is your time perspective?  What is your time preference?  Why does it matter how you view and use time? 

As part of my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, one of my assignments was to write a blog post about an aspect of positive psychology I was interested in sharing with the world.  Time Perspectives are a fascinating topic (in my opinion, at least), especially as they have such a huge impact on relationships - at home, at school, at work. Understanding the time perspectives of the children you teach, of the people you love, and the people you work with, helps you work, live and love in a much more harmonious way.  Of course, it helps to understand your own, too!

Have I piqued your interest?  Would you like to know more, and take the test to find out your time preference?  You can read my full blog post on my Happiness Speaker website. ​

Frederika Roberts

FREDERIKA ROBERTS | HAPPINESS & RESILIENCE SPEAKER, LAUGHTER YOGA LEADER, AUTHOR |Frederika is a professional speaker and former President of the Yorkshire region for the Professional Speaking Association (PSA). Between them, Frederika's daughters have had 2 cardiac arrests, 3 open heart surgeries and countless hospital stays. Rather than letting this get her down, however, Frederika uses her experience, in addition to her skills gained through careers in teaching, recruitment and marketing, to help others overcome adversity, build resilience and lead happy lives. She has written a book, blogs for the Huffington Post, runs workshops and teaches Laughter Yoga.