York school completes pioneering new resilience and wellbeing programme

Bounce-back mum Frederika Roberts, Cancer Conqueror Jayne Snell and Paralympian Elizabeth Wright shared their resilience wellbeing and success tips with parents of year 4 children at Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School on Wednesday 18th November. This was the culmination of the pilot of the ‘RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success’ Programme at the school. Pilots are also currently running in a Manchester school and two other York schools.

RWS is designed to inspire, educate, and motivate pupils in primary schools and is based around the idea of developing skills in resilience, mental and physical well-being, and building success; skills that will last a lifetime. Set over 9-11 weeks, RWS is a comprehensive programme of inspiring and fun talks, activities, videos, and lessons, with all materials provided for the schools.

Over the course of the autumn term, Frederika Roberts (Resilience), Jayne Snell (Wellbeing), and Elizabeth Wright (Success) each went into Clifton with Rawcliffe School, inspiring teachers and pupils with their stories of overcoming extreme obstacles in life, and teaching them, through fun interactive activities, the steps to develop their own grit, determination, and self-belief to live a happy and fulfilled life. The pupils then had follow-up lessons with their teachers, engaging with the themes through specially designed activities. The final phase of the programme resulted in a pupil-led project that brought all aspects of the programme together; the leadership team at the school chose to incorporate this into an exhibit for parents to enjoy on the afternoon of 18th November, when they also had the opportunity to listen to the speakers’ presentations. The Year 4 pupils also surprised the RWS team and their parents by producing a video summarising what they had learnt and enjoyed over the course of the programme.

Year 4 Pupils at @cwr_school surprised @rwsuccess team and parents with a great video! 

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“Clifton with Rawcliffe is a very special school. Our teaching methods and ethos are designed to equip pupils for life in the 21st century and our state-of-the art premises facilitate this”, says Headteacher Andy Herbert. “The RWS programme is a fantastic way to support this crucial stage in our pupils’ education and personal development. We are very proud to be not only one of the pilot schools but also to have helped Frederika, Jayne and Elizabeth to shape the programme over the past few months.”
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Clifton with Rawcliffe Parents' Talk | RWS | York | Nov 2015 3

Frederika Roberts shares resilience tips with parents

Frederika’s daughters have, between them, survived 2 cardiac arrests, 3 open heart surgeries and countless hospital stays. She has used her experience – plus skills gained through careers in teaching, recruitment & marketing - to help others build their resilience. In addition to speaking to a variety of audiences, she is often interviewed by the press and Media as a happiness expert.

Jayne has survived not one, but two forms of blood cancer, thanks to a stem cell transplant from a 22 year old young man from Germany. Her transplant took place 6th July 2012 and, to mark her third transplant anniversary, Jayne ran the York 5k ‘Race for Life’ this year. In September, she went hang-gliding to raise nearly £1,500 for the ‘Anthony Nolan’ and ‘Delete Blood Cancer UK’ charities.

Clifton with Rawcliffe Parents' Talk | RWS | York | Nov 2015

Jayne Snell teaches parents a 3-minute meditation

“These children are inspirational and I feel so, so lucky to be able to work with them” says Jayne. “I love RWS and the impact it is having on children already and am very excited about the future and all the schools we're going to be working with.”
Clifton with Rawcliffe Parents' Talk | RWS | York | Nov 2015 1

Elizabeth Wright tells parents the story of her journey to Paralympic success

Elizabeth is a Paralympic Silver Medallist who moved to the UK after achieving her dream of swimming at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. She has been inspiring pupils of all ages since the late 1990’s and has delivered her ‘Goal Journey’ message in the UK, Canada and Switzerland, as well as her native Australia.

The RWS programme is also being developed for secondary schools and for businesses and public sector organisations.

RWS Team

The RWS programme helps develop children's life-long resilience, wellbeing and success skills.